July 2018 – Big Topics in EM

It’s a new year, welcome to all the new interns.

The year’s conference schedule is attached at left in the links column (it’s already changed several times). Please know that this is still somewhat in flux as we finalize the year with all the other services and commitments. But for now this should be fairly accurate.

Please put your schedule requests in the request form as you know them. Reminder that request deadline is 2 blocks ahead. So request for block 3 are closed. Block 4 requests due by 7/29.

Looking forward to a new year. Reach out to your chiefs for whatever you need.

Group Tasks

MedHub Porfolios
Intern Assignments
No online curriculum this month
Senior Assignements
No online curriculum this month

Individual Assignments
(listed top to bottom)

July 7/26/18
Dear Doc Joint Critical Conf
Pierson Hinshaw
Cards Conf

Upcoming Conference Assignments

April Assignments
Journal Club 4/12 Trauma 4/19
Beauchamp Bouland Green
Hinshaw Murphy Lee
CCM/SCC/ED 4/26 CCU 4/26
Prendergast Dennis


May Assignments
Journal Club 5/10 Peds Case 5/10
Abii Koirala Dewitt
Gorman Mosby
Trauma 5/17 CCM/SCC/ED 5/24 CCU 5/24
Bouland Cantwell Moore
Robichaud Lee


June Assignments
Journal Club 6/7 Trauma Case 6/21
Dykstra Cantwell Cearlock
Nguyen Prendergast Shaub
CCM/SCC/ED 6/28 CCU 6/28
Moore Green

GI – March

General Stuff

Task Due Date
Clean up your CV for Christie ongoing
Update portfolio in MedHub ongoing
Annual Carilion Inservice – Cornerstone 3/16

Group Assignments

Foundations ALiEMU
Approach to Nausea and Vomiting GI – 2017
Approach to the Surgical Abdomen
Approach to Jaundice

Individual Assignments

Journal Club 3/8 General
Enes Abii – 30 min case
Wilkinson Linger – 30 min case
Cearlock Cantwell – FOAMED
Robichaud Murphy – Case conf
Cases 3/15 Cases 3/22
Morcom – Trauma Cearlock – CCM/SCC/ED
Cantwell – Trauma Pierson – CCM/SCC/ED
Shaub – CCU

Renal & GU – February

General Stuff

Task Due Date
ACGME Survey
(individual links in email)
Rosh Review – Neuro Assignments 2/28
Annual Carilion Inservice – Cornerstone 3/16

Group Assignments

Foundations ALiEMU
24 – Renal/GU 2017 – Renal/GU
25 – GYN
30 – Immuno/Derm

Individual Assignments

Journal Club 2/8 General
Beauchamp Gorman – 30 min case
Prendergast – FOAMED
Bunn Hayes – Case conf
Cases 2/15 Cases 2/22
Koirala – Trauma Dennis – ICU
Nielson – Trauma Koirala – ICU