VTCEM Residents & Faculty,

Countdown to 2021 begins…


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes…any of you who are RENT (The Musical)fans out there can take it from here…
We celebrate the major events and additions to the VTCEM family that occurred this year!

House Scoring


-House Assignments: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RyeevW45TS0D8Myk1bURlTIOSMeIYa1w/view?usp=sharing

-Standings Suspended:  House Clinton 4375, House Fortuna 3925,  House Kuehl 3850, House Perkins 3575

-House Clinton is still on top; House Kuehl has overtaken House Perkins

Dear Doc Mystery Case Competition


-Conclusion to December’s Dear Doc Mystery Case coming this week…


-Standings: 1st place 50 pts House Clinton, House Fortuna, House Kuehl; 2nd place 25 pts  House Perkins

General Program

-Dear Doc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10lKkIZgnXZth9yv7d7nmQF69Eu79bQa2/view?usp=sharinghttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q5CbRPw2NKZDI_gS3vj3xEBwXy7s8FLv/view?usp=sharing

Peds Corner 
Ketamine Infusion for Pain Control in Acute Pediatric Sickle Cell Painful Crises:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EfZ80NJUWtcv1jebCZTjBtA9MG1CStLt/view?usp=sharing
Wilderness Medicine:
WM PearlsThe Lost Art of Whole Blood Transfusion in Austere Environments:

EMS: EMS PearlsAn Evidence-based Guideline for the Air Medical Transportation of Prehospital Trauma Patients:


US PearlsPerforated appendicitis with a large defect in the wall of the appendix: https://www.ultrasoundcases.info/perforation-5568/

Academic December 2020

Foundations ReadingFoundations 1 – Unit 13 Peds I, Unit 14 Peds II, Unit 15 Peds IIIEM Coach – https://www.emcoach.org/  -Peds


Review Tests due 12/31:EM Coach F1 – Unit 13 Peds I, Unit 14 Peds II, Unit 15Peds III

Rosh Tests F1 – Peds I, Peds II, Peds III

Conference-No Thursday Conference this week in honor of the NYE.Scheduling-Block 6 shift scheduling complete. Complete block 7 shift scheduling soon coming.

Oldies, but Goodies
-Please continue to report events, near misses, and unsafe conditions to SafeWatch or by calling 540-981-7233 (7-SAFE).

Interns/PGY-1s: Important Email PointsDecember 2020

Review Tests due 12/31:EM Coach F1 – Unit 13 Peds I, Unit 14 Peds II, Unit 15Peds III

Rosh Tests F1 – Peds I, Peds II, Peds IIINo Thursday conference this week.


Stay safe…Happy New Years!

Lu Ojeifo, MD

Chief Resident, VTCEM


cc:  Chief Resident, VTCEM, Dr. Cassie Schandel, 540-529-1180

       Chief Resident, VTCEM, Dr. Zach Williams, 540-597-5495

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