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First I want to thank everyone for being so flexible over the past months. We have all felt the shifting sands, and the residency program is right in the middle of it. The current iteration of our schedule will always strive to first provide education then coverage.  We will continue this current coverage of zones until June 30th.  The new interns will likely orient on shifts in all zones except Main. We will plan on returning to our regular scheduled programming Aug 1 with two shifts for seniors on main, and round the clock interns back to main…but stay tuned, it is subject to change. 
We will continue to have online /virtual conference. We have some good programming upcoming, including Palliative Care in the ED this week with our very own Dewitt and Phillips show.   Next week make sure you login for our Grand rounds with Dr. Wilkerson on best practices in  Sickle Cell disease management. Lots of good stuff. 
Residency Participation Citizenship. 
I anticipate being able to bring back the shadow-shifts as soon as possible. Since we are not having simulation, we will examine alternate ways for you to fulfill these hours.  We will be asking in July for direct shadow shifts with our incoming interns for baseline assessments and we anticipate a good number of these. I will keep you posted.   In the meantime, consider joining a resident in a quality project or research project.
We will not be holding a graduation event…in person. I know this is a terrible pill to swallow but its the right thing to do. We look forward to this event every year, and this class deserves a nice tribute. In keeping with VT, VTC, and all other graduations that have been cancelled, this one also can’t happen as it has previously.  We still want to honor our graduates and all the hard work this department has done in the past academic year so we will proceed with an online event. More details to come, but you should have received a save the date. This is an extra special event because no pants are required (depending on where your camera is focused).   
Really tricky. We are constantly evaluating the possibilities but onboarding the new interns will be challenging, depending on what the next 30 days brings. Likely, we will be moving much of our regular GME onboarding to online format however, Ultrasound boot camp, Central Line training, and the EM specific Suturing, Airway, and Ortho Skills labs will all be live in some fashion so look at those as opportunities for Residency Citizenship hours also. 
Faculty Bios:
Our website needs fixing. Currently it looks like we have 6 faculty… Over the coming weeks though, Program Leadership will be reaching out to each of you to ensure you have an updated photo, and bio for our website. Watch for requests. 
And as always…if you have ideas or suggestions to improve our program, let us know. If you see something, say something.


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