This Week (3/30)

41th edition. We are still waiting to hear from EM Coach regarding the last two weekly modules. I will hopefully have updates in terms of the scoring next week. No, this is not an attempt at sabotaging a potential first time House Perkins block win.  


Resident Respirators – All PGY3s have a 3M p100 half-face respirator that has been purchased for you individually. If you have not already gotten it from me, they are in the resident room with your name on it. These are better protection than N95 and to be used for intubations primarily. The cartridges are good for 40 patient hours so keep track of your use. I will have replacement cartridges soon. 

  • 4 Extra masks – are available to PGY 1/2s, & attendings if needed. These are labeled in the resident room. If you use them please wipe them off thoroughly and document how long you used them for on a piece of paper next to the masks.  

Rosh Review – quizzes are now assigned and due Thursday, April 2nd. As we continue to use online educational modalities, these are essentially your conference attendance. Please get these done ahead of time. 

EM Coach – modules/reading/quizzes are also assigned and due Thursday, April 2nd & April 4th respectively. Be sure to hit the “submit assignment” button in the bottom left after complete the quiz, textbook reading, and video lectures. 

COVID-19 – continue to check the main residency drive > COVID-19 folder. Again, I have been updating this continuously as new policies/documents are sent out. 

  • Attendings – if you want access to this folder send me your personal email address and I will send you a link to view. 
  • COVID-19 Links – is a document I made to keep track of the best resources to stay up to date. It is in the drive folder. 

N95 Fit Testing – is being conducted from 7a-9p in the 8S waiting room for all employees who currently use a 1870 mask. This is due to limited stock so go get tested to see if another mask will work. Old Items:

Blood Drive – will be April 30th tentatively but likely going to be changed. We are allegedly not eligible but make sure you let friends & family know to donate blood. There are currently shortages of all types. 

  • I have also heard that the American Red Cross is screening the blood for COVID-19 so you can tell patients, friends, family that this is a way to get a free & easy screening test.

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support – the first class scheduled for April 28/29th. Stay tuned for possible cancellation. 

Academic To-Do: GI Block

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are GI 1, 2, and 3. 

GI 1, 2, 3 –

Abdominal / Gastrointestinal – Foundations of Emergency MedicineFoundations 1 | Foundations 2 Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Mouse over each Article under Primary Literature to see the full

Rosen’s: Chapters 24-29, 79-86Hippo: Esophagus, anus, rectum, GB, small/large bowel 1, biliary and pancreas 1

PGY2/3 –GI 2017, complete for 1-hour lecture credit.
Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) – ALiEMUWelcome to the Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) series! This series curates and grades open access blog posts and podcasts in the field of emergency medicine (EM) to identify high quality, social media-based, educational resources for senior EM

Conference:NO CONFERENCE THIS WEEK. There will again be an EM Coach quiz/lecture/reading module assigned, see above. 


PGY 2/3 – Block 11 should be published in the next day or so. Again, thank you all for being flexible in this crazy time. We are having to change the schedule constantly so we really appreciate everyone’s understanding. 

Podcast/Blog of the Week:

EMRAP Live COVID update, done on March 31st, 8pm ET. They are doing these weekly on live stream and then available on the app generally the next day.

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