This Week (3/23)

40th edition. There has been no movement on the scoreboard as we are still waiting for the results from EM Coach for last week’s module. There will be another lecture/quiz assigned this week so pay attention to your emails. 


COVID-19 – to reiterate I’ve been putting all information as it is sent out in the main residency drive > COVID-19 folder. I do this daily so it should have the latest information. If you aren’t sure which is the most recent document in terms of triage, sort the folder by the time it was uploaded. 

  • COVID-19 Links – is a document I made to keep track of the best resources to stay up to date. The best, in my opinion, right now is EMRap. They have a home page dedicated to COVID-19 that is being updated by the minute in addition to a Corependium chapter. Other links are listed on the doc in the drive folder. 
  • PPE – as of today, all patients require a surgical mask, gloves, eye protection. If someone has a positive screen then you are expected to wear an N95, waterproof (yellow) gown, eye protection, gloves. This is dynamic and continuously changing so be sure to check your emails. 
  • Resident Coverage – has changed. PGY3s are now available on Main side 24/7 and shifts to match with the Attending. The only exception is the Thursday conference shift. PGY1s are now being shifted to E pod to limit their exposure (for now). 

Old Items:

Blood Drive – will be April 30th, put this on your calendar now. This is becoming more important by the day as the American Red Cross is reporting significant shortages of all blood types. 

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support – the first class scheduled for April 28/29th. If you are a PGY2 plan accordingly.  

Academic To-Do: GI Block

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are GI 1, 2, and 3. 

GI 1, 2, 3 –

Abdominal / Gastrointestinal – Foundations of Emergency MedicineFoundations 1 | Foundations 2 Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Mouse over each Article under Primary Literature to see the full

Rosen’s: Chapters 24-29, 79-86Hippo: Esophagus, anus, rectum, GB, small/large bowel 1, biliary and pancreas 1

PGY2/3 –GI 2017, complete for 1-hour lecture credit. 

Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) – ALiEMUWelcome to the Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) series! This series curates and grades open access blog posts and podcasts in the field of emergency medicine (EM) to identify high quality, social media-based, educational resources for senior EM

Conference:NO CONFERENCE THIS WEEK. There will again be an EM Coach quiz/lecture/reading module assigned so get this done by Thursday night. Thursday morning time is still protected so there is no excuse to not get it done. 


PGY 2/3 – The schedule is rapidly changing with the unavoidable upcoming influx of COVID patients. Please check your email regularly and stay flexible. We know it is no fun to have a schedule that keeps changing, but it’s not like we are able to do any traveling or social events outside of work. Thanks in advance for understanding. 

Podcast/Blog of the Week:

EMRAP Live COVID update, done on March 19th. I think they are planning on doing this weekly. It’s one hour and has lots of great information.

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