This Week (3/17)

39th edition. Special Tuesday edition. The results from Rosh are finally tallied and House Clinton prevailed by a small margin to win the Renal/GU block. The GI block is now at the halfway point with House Perkins in the lead. I’ll keep this edition brief as there are much more pressing emails surrounding COVID that are undoubtedly in your inbox. 



COVID-19 – obviously it has been hard to keep up with the triage, PPE, testing information. I made a folder on the drive where I have been uploading the policy documents as they come out. Go to Main Residency > COVID-19. It’s colored in red to make it easier to find. 

  • Residents, check your email multiple times a day, communication is key and email is where most of the information is going to be sent. 
  • Ventilator management cards were created as an education project by Katie, KD, and Chad. I have also added these to the COVID folder for easy use. The Respiratory Therapists are often not being allowed/available for these rooms so you need to know how to set it up. 
  • EMRap/EMCrit/IBCC are doing frequent update podcasts on COVID19 and are a great way to keep track. See one below in podcast section. 

Old Items:

Blood Drive – will be April 30th, put this on your calendar now. We will have more information on that day/events to follow. 

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support – is going to be a requirement for the PGY2 class and all classes moving forward. This is only offered on a very limited basis with the first class scheduled for April 28/29th. If you are a PGY2 plan accordingly.  

Academic To-Do: GI Block

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are GI 1, 2, and 3. 

GI 1, 2, 3 –

Abdominal / Gastrointestinal – Foundations of Emergency MedicineFoundations 1 | Foundations 2 Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Mouse over each Article under Primary Literature to see the full

Rosen’s: Chapters 24-29, 79-86Hippo: Esophagus, anus, rectum, GB, small/large bowel 1, biliary and pancreas 1

PGY2/3 –GI 2017, complete for 1-hour lecture credit. 

Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) – ALiEMUWelcome to the Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) series! This series curates and grades open access blog posts and podcasts in the field of emergency medicine (EM) to identify high quality, social media-based, educational resources for senior EM

Conference:NO CONFERENCE THIS WEEK. However, you will have an assignment through EMCoach so pay attention to your email. This will could towards usual conference attendance. 


PGY 2/3 – The next block should be out soon. We will let you know when it is published so you can review it. 

Podcast/Blog of the Week:

This is the best all in all summary podcast I have heard yet. Goes through all the physiology, epidemiology, etc. IBCC Covid 19

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