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Happy February. It’s wet outside and everyone is sick. I can’t decide if Room 5, 8, or 11 from Monday’s shift gave me this fever so I guess they’ll all get a reduction in their physician professional fee as a thank you. 

Thank you for voting. Our new chiefs for 2020 are Zach, Cassie and Lou. Congratulations to them, and thanks to all the residents who offered their services to this very tough job.

Interviews are over and we are very happy with the candidates. Thank you everyone for an outstanding job, many faculty and residents committed incredible hours to finding the right ones and the feedback we consistently get from our interviews is very positive because of that effort. We had our resident rank list party a few nights ago and they threw a few people off the list and moved a few people around. Overall, I am really pleased with the list. We turn in the final list in a few weeks and wait for the lottery. A few thoughts from this season. 
1. We continue to expand our geography of interested candidates. This was the first year we did not offer free hotel rooms for our candidates and while I still think it makes a difference to grab some top candidates who might otherwise pass, our applicant pool was more geographically diverse than ever before. This is bucking what I believe is a national trend in EM right now. Ten years ago, when we were one of 150 ACGME programs, students had a few options in their own geography and had to look elsewhere. Now, you can interview at 14 programs without ever leaving the state of Florida. So, having such a geographically diverse applicant pool is a good thing and a testament to our reptutation. 

2. Students are picky. And, with 240 programs to choose from and no dramatic increase in the applicant pool in EM for the past few years, they can be. Our ability to offer a very unique training experience seems to resonate well with this current crop of finicky consumers and we continue to push our brand nationally. There is still a large band of students that believes the only way to get good training in EM is to live in a 4th floor walk up at $2500 a month and the risk of a mugging on the way to work. It’s beyond me but we ain’t selling any of that. Food for thought though…look how rapidly the landscape has changed. Here are 2011 numbers as program 148, and now last years… 2019. 15 programs went unfilled last year… in EM! This year, I anticipate it will be 20+ or almost 10%. In ten years we saw an increase in spots of almost 1000, but only 400 additional US seniors and that number of EM residency spots will be climbing further this year but the applicant pool has been pretty static for a few years and I don’t anticipate this rising this year. So..picky picky.
# . Spots unfilled . US seniors2011 . Emergency Medicine 150 1,607 2 1,482 2,230 1,268 1,602 78.9  

2019 Emergency Medicine 238 2,488 15 1,823 3,048 1,617 . 2,458 65.0  

This month is Renal/GU. Looking ahead we have several skills labs in the afternoon on glidewire foley placement and suprapubic catheter placement so if you need to brush up on these skills or review the difficult foley algorithm, come on by either this afternoon or next Thursday afternoon to the sim lab. 

Intraining EXAM
We have the ABEM training exam on Feb 26th. We have hopefully anticipated all the Resident coverage needs for that date but expect some absences. 

National Meetings upcoming:CORD; We have a large contingent of faculty, staff and residents heading to CORD in NY this year. Should be a great educational experience. New faculty who have not had the opportunity to attend, lets. 
SAEM: All interns heading to SAEM, we will have a residency dinner one of the nights. I will send out information on that locale in the coming weeks. Congrats to those who have abstracts and presentations. 
Please continue to take a few moments during the shift to get evals completed. The comments are especially valuable, and thus far we have been having a good track record of getting these completed. 

Stay warm this weekend, 


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