This Week (Dec 8th)

25th edition. The moment you all have been waiting for, the results of the ortho block. It all came down to the Rosh Quizzes as House Clinton had a 6 point lead over House Kuehl at the end of the month. Like true champions, House Kuehl prevailed with an average of 79.1% (Clinton – 75, Perkins – 65, Fortuna – 73) making us the overall block champions.


Interview Dinners/Lunches – This Tuesday, December 3rd, 6:15pm at Blue 5. Lunch the next day around 1pm at Riverside. Let’s keep it up and continue to have a great turn out.

Practice ITE – is either this Thursday, December 12th or the following, December 19th for those who haven’t already taken it. It is 220 questions and designed to be difficult. Be sure to go over the answers after to get the most out of it.

TEE Schedule – attached is a call schedule for the attendings that are credentialed to be TEE, they would like to be notified of any opportunity that presents to the ED. I got to do my first one yesterday and let me say that it is much trickier than at SIM so practice every opportunity you get.

AHA NIHSS Stroke Certificate – due today for PGY3s! Go to the link below and take form B as most of us took form A previously. It takes a little bit of time so don’t put it off. Other residents need to get it done as soon as possible but not necessarily today.

Stroke Site Visit by Joint Commission – is today, December 9th, so look sharp. Know where the stroke algorithm is located and the default answer is to ask your attending. 

Hepatitis C – continue to order on all patients unless they have it documented in the chart or decline testing. Consent is not absolutely necessary but you should discuss it with your patient if you are going to be ordering it, similar to any other test you do. 

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are Vascular 9, Neuro 18, Neuro 19

Vascular 9 –

Foundations 1 | Foundations 2 Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Mouse over each Article under Primary Literature to see the full title

Rosen’s: Chapters 74-78

Hippo: Vascular Emergencies, Pericarditis
Neuro 18,19 –

Foundations 1 | Foundations 2 Foundations 1 Foundations 2 Mouse over each Article under Primary Literature to see the full title

Rosen’s: 91-99

Hippo: CN, Vertigo, AMS, Meningitis, Misc 1&2, Ischemic Stroke

PGY2/3 – complete for 1 hour lecture credit.

Welcome to the Approved Instructional Resources Professional (AIR-Pro) series! This series curates and grades open access blog posts and podcasts in the field of emergency medicine (EM) to identify high quality, social media-based, educational resources for senior EM residents.


Starts with multidisciplinary critical care conference, 7:30am at 1S ED Conference RoomSIM is in the afternoon for all PGY2s and half the PGY3s so be prepared.


PGY 2/3 – be on the look out for calendar invites for next 10 week block. As always, any issues feel free to email us.

Podcast/Blog post of the Week

Back to CrackCast with the Neurology summary. Always helpful to get a good summary of the Neurologic disorders chapter.



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