This Week 11/17

22nd edition. House Kuehl lived up to its logo and won the orthopedic showdown. House Fortuna won the presentation component. However, House Clinton continues to have the lead based on outstanding participation in all things residency. No formal conference days left but there are still lots of points to be had this week. 



Interview Dinners/Lunches – another interview this week. Dinner Tuesday, 6:15pm at Blue 5. Lunch Wednesday, 12:30 at Riverside. 

Global Health – Journal Club this Wednesday @ Big Lick. Learn about a new sepsis protocol in Zambia & text messaging revolutionizing TB treatment. Text Rick if interested, 540-855-4978, for further details. 

Turkey Trot Volunteer Opportunity – Need volunteer hours? CB was able to set up an opportunity to work either the medical tent or be on bicycle patrol for theTurkey Trot. Contact me ASAP if you are interested. This would be a great volunteer opportunity and an easy way to meet your annual requirements. 

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are Ortho 20, Trauma 11, Trauma 10

Ortho 20 –

Rosen’s: 42-53

Hippo: Knee, shoulder, forearm

Trauma 10,11 –

Rosen’s: 33-41

Hippo: intro, chest, head/neck 1, eye 2

PGY2/3 – Aliemu modules on ortho upper extremity & lower extremity. Complete for 1-hour lecture credit. 

Conference:Starts with Trauma Conference, 730am, 1S ED Conference Room. After that is the TEE Course for those that signed up. See the attached schedule


PGY 2/3 – Schedule is posted. Please look through it and identify any issues you have now so we have time to make changes. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: Crunch time for ortho. EMRap’s crunch time summary of ortho is 45 chapters and about 1 hour 45 minutes. Great review.

Crunch Time – Achilles Tendon Rupture | EM:RAPOrtho Full episode audio for MD edition 110:40 min – 154 MB – M4A Crunch Time EM – Ortho – Individual MP3 Files 130 MB – ZIP Crunch Time EM – Ortho – Written Summary 370 KB –


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