This Week 11/3

20th edition. Congratulations to House Clinton, they have prevailed victorious in the psychiatry block. We now begin the ortho block and there are plenty of points to go around. 



Interview Dinners/Lunches – two this week! Today and tomorrow night6:15p at Blue 5. We know it’s hard to get there by 6:15 but please try to be on time. Lunches around 1230 both days. Again if you aren’t working you are expected to go. We had a great showing last week so let’s keep it going! 

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are Ortho 20, Trauma 11, Trauma 10

Ortho 20 –

Rosen’s: 42-53

Hippo: Knee, shoulder, forearm

Trauma 10,11 –

Rosen’s: 33-41

Hippo: intro, chest, head/neck 1, eye 2

PGY2/3 – Aliemu modules on ortho upper extremity & lower extremity. Complete for 1 hour lecture credit. Due on November 14th because that is when our in-class session is happening. 


Thursday 11/7 starts @ 8:30 at Riverside 1 with pharm/Tox. We have a guest lecturer so please be on time. 

  • Resident Meeting – is at 12:30pm following lectures. 


PGY 2/3 – Schedule should be posted soon. Stay tuned. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: This is a piece back from December about getting more XRay views on various injuries in order to not miss subtle fractures. Good listen and catchy tune.

December 2018 – One More Film – EM:RAP 2018 December | EM:RAPEM:RAP 2018 December Full episode audio for MD edition 222:26 min – 208 MB – M4A EM:RAP 2018 December German Edition Deutsche 94:28 min – 83 MB – MP3 EM:RAP 2018 December Spanish Edition Español 74:31 min – 102 MB – MP3 EM:RAP 2018 December French Edition Français 18:41 min – 26 MB – MP3 EMRAP 2018 12 December Board Review Answers 133 KB – PDF EMRAP 2018 12 DecemberBoard Review Questions …

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