This Week 10/13

17th edition. Another year, another retreat in the books. House Clinton won the Muddy Squirrels event & the extra 10 bonus points with an additional bonus point for an on-the-town-selfie submitted for Dr Nguyen in her house shirt. Halfway through the block, it is anyone’s game. 


Cornerstone – there are some new modules that are due tomorrow, October 15th. Get them done ASAP.

Impravada – see Jen immediately if you have not done your registration for this. You need your Carilion ID, state ID, and work-issued phone. This is not the same as just setting up the app so get it done. 

PGY 2 Peds Shift – is back to 2pm – 12a from 3pm, starting October 21st (next Monday). Sorry for the confusion on this. 

PGY 2 TO Shift – additional shift will be added 12-7pm on Thursday to help with workflow. This also starts on October 21st

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are Psych, Tox 1, Peds 3. 

Psych’s – chapters 100-105Hippo ED – 2 videos on dementia/delirium, EtOH abuse. (links on foundations page) 

Tox 1

Rosen’s – chapters 139, 141, 142, 144, 145, 146, 149, 150, 154, 156, 159

Hippo ED – Tox 1, 2, 3, Alcohol, Drugs of Abuse (links on foundations page)

Peds 3

Rosen’s – chapters 166, 174, 171, 177

Hippo ED – Peds Neuro, Peds GI (links on foundations page)

PGY2/3 – Aliemu module on psych for 1-hour lecture credit. For the in-class component stay tuned for each specific post that we will be going over.

  • PGY2/3 follows along with the intern foundation’s modules and looks at the next level content like the FOAMed links, etc. 


Thursday, October 17th – starts with Trauma Conference, 7:30am, 1S ED at RMH. 

  • SIM 1p – 4p: PGY1/3s this Thursday. 


PGY 2/3 – Submit requests NOW for the upcoming block December 8 – February 15th. The deadline for requests is Sunday, October 20th @ 11:59pm. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

EM:RAPs crunch time post on Psych. Very brief and only covers high yield topics.

Crunch Time – Acute Psychosis | EM:RAPPsych Full episode audio for MD edition 56:27 min – 78 MB – M4A Crunch Time EM – Psych – Individual MP3 Files 99 MB – ZIP Crunch Time EM – Psych – Written Summary 218 KB –


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