This Week 10/6

16th edition. Congratulations to House Kuehl! After the 10 point bonus for the Rosh Review Quizzes, they won the eye block crown. Moving into the Psych block, the scoring started over with a clean slate. For the annual house championship, the winning house will be most blocks won (9 total before June, with an extra 1 for in-service exam scores). 


Carilion ED Recycling Program – I included this again because it makes me happy. We had a very successful site with the material acquisition head of Trex Furniture last week and are set to become the FIRST health system in the country to sell plastic waste directly to their company. We ran the numbers are we are talking in the 10s of thousands of pounds annually of waste that otherwise would end up in a landfill. #gogreen   

Retreat Stuff – bring warm/outdoor type stuff to retreat. In the afternoon we are going to do an outdoor competition between the houses so pack accordingly. DK has requested NO SODAS BEFORE 4PM. On Thursday morning we are also going to be doing something outdoors for those interested. 
Retreat Bunk Assignments
 – have been assigned, see the attached spreadsheet. 

Cornerstone – there are some new modules that are due next week, October 15th. They don’t take a long time so get them done now. 

Google Drive Education Material – again we will continue to be adding lecture slides and education content to the drive broken down into each block. If you have stuff you want to add feel free. The journal club articles for this block are already in the folder. 

PGY 2 Peds Shift – is back to 2pm – 12a from 3pm, this has already taken effect so make note.

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations modules for this month are Psych, Tox 1, Peds 3. 

Psych’s – chapters 100-105Hippo ED – 2 videos on dementia/delirium, EtOH abuse. (links on foundations page) 

Tox 1

Rosen’s – chapters 139, 141, 142, 144, 145, 146, 149, 150, 154, 156, 159

Hippo ED – Tox 1, 2, 3, Alcohol, Drugs of Abuse (links on foundations page)

Peds 3

Rosen’s – chapters 166, 174, 171, 177

Hippo ED – Peds Neuro, Peds GI (links on foundations page)

PGY2/3 – Aliemu module on psych for 1-hour lecture credit. For the in-class component stay tuned for each specific post that we will be going over.

  • In general, as PGY2/3 follow along with the intern foundation’s modules and look at the next level content like the FOAMed links, etc. Make sure you’d covered the Rosen’s chapters and Hippo modules previous as well.


No conference this week. Get ready for the retreat!!


PGY 2/3 – You have now gotten 4 reminders for requests via your calendar. Submit requests NOW for the upcoming block December 8 – February 15th. The deadline for requests is Sunday, October 20th @ 11:59pm. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

Backing on the lecture last Thursday about Alcohol Withdrawal I wanted to send a link to the IBCC podcast on this topic.

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