This Week 9/30

Welcome to the 15th edition. We are on the final day of the block and the scoreboard is neck and neck. It is going to come down to the Rosh Review quizzes so make sure you get it done ASAP. 


Carilion ED Recycling Program – we have far and away surpassed our goal of 500lbs and are being sent a free Bench. I am proud to say that with the help of Dorris Duff, Nathalia Esteves-Fuentes, Sara Wohlford, Jon Behnisch,  and Wrenn Brendel it has grown into a hospital-wide project. We had a very successful site with the material acquisition head of Trex Furniture last week and are set to become the FIRST health system in the country to sell plastic waste directly to their company. We ran the numbers are we are talking in the 10s of thousands of pounds annually of waste that otherwise would end up in a landfill.    

Bench placement – we are open to suggestions on where to put this. The idea was to paint it the color of the annual house champion and include a plaque with each year’s winners. Should this be at Riverside, resident room, TO in that area next to the CM station, etc. Let us know what you think. 

Google Drive Education Material – has been updated, go to the drive > educational content > eye block (for example) to get all the material from each block. This includes study guides like what myself and Roberta created, Dr Barksdale’s lecture, Hippo material, journal club articles, etc. This will be an easy way to alway have access to materials on the go instead of tracking down emails.

Block showdown – how did it go? We are trying to make this a great experience and are open to feedback. We will be using the buzzers moving forward to help organize. Also, one suggestion is to break up the questions into interns, 2s, 3s to get everyone involved. Let us know if you have ideas. 

Rosh Quiz – Per above, if you didn’t finish it in class get it done immediately. 

Retreat Bunk Assignments – will be assigned for those that haven’t responded. I’ll attach a grid next week. 

PGY 2 Peds Shift – is going back to 2pm – 12a from 3pm, make a note as this starts October 1st. 

Academic To-Do:

Interns – Foundations, psych block.’s – chapters 100-105Hippo ED – 2 videos on dementia/delirium, EtOH abuse. Links are in the foundation’s page above. 

PGY2/3 – Aliemu module on psych for 1-hour lecture credit. For the in-class component stay tuned for each specific post that we will be going over.


Thursday, October 3rd – starts with PD Breakfast, 745am at Riverside 3. Ends with Resident Meeting from noon – 1pm. 


PGY 2/3 – next 10 week requests will be due coming soon. Pay attention for a calendar invite. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

Kicking off psych block I figured we could start with an EmRap episode on the history of the opioid epidemic in this country. Great listen.

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