This Week 9/22

Welcome to the 14th edition. I apologize for the delay I was out of town until late last night. Team Fortuna made up some ground in the attendance department last week and there are now 3 teams withing 3 points leading into the last week.


Wear Your Shirt – around ftown for bonus points. Take a picture as proof, the more exotic the more points. Good way to get some PR and show some pride in our respective houses. 

Aliemu for PGY 2/3s – again, complete the procedure module by the end of the month for 1 hour lecture credit. 

Retreat Bunk Assignments – Only about 10 people got back to me. If we don’t hear from you this week we will just assign bunks so speak now. 

Academic To-Do: 

Interns – Foundations 1 – HEENT but only the parts specific to eye. Try to complete as soon as possible.

Rosen’s chapter 61 – ophthoHippo ED – 2 videos on the eye. Links are in the foundations page above. 

PGY2/3 – As stated above, do the Aliemu module on procedures to get one-hour lecture credit. 


Thursday, September 26th – starts with Critical Care Conference, 730am at RMH. Pay attention to room because there is a potential conflict with our normal 1S ED. 


PGY 2/3 – the schedule is out. Take a look and make sure there aren’t any issues. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

None – make sure you prepare for the end of block showdown! All things eye related. 


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