This Week 9/15

Welcome to the 13th edition. Lots of action in house competition this week. It’s a tight race with two weeks to go in the block. 


Aliemu for PGY 2/3s – there has been a little confusion here. The 2/3s are able to do a module of Aliemu each month for 1 hour of lecture credit. You need to take the quiz at the end. This month the module is “procedures”. This is independent (sometimes) of the articles from last week that we sent out. 

Retreat Bunk Assignments – get in groups of 4 and let us know as soon as possible so we can assign bunks for the retreat. Rooms need to be gender-specific so match up accordingly. 

Academic To-Do: 

Interns – Foundations 1 – HEENT but only the parts specific to eye.

Rosen’s chapter 61 – ophthoHippo ED – 2 videos on the eye. Links are in the foundations page above. 

PGY2/3 – As stated above, do the Aliemu module on procedures to get one-hour lecture credit. 


Thursday, September 19th – SW VA Emergency MedicineConference. 7am at Riverside 2/VTC SOM. Mandatory attendance unless you are out of town.  


PGY 2/3 – the schedule is out. Take a look and make sure there aren’t any issues. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

A few people raised some eyebrows and wanted more information on the Taiwan Apartment complex incident I mentioned in peer review last week. Here is (one of) the papers that were published on this incident.

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