This Week 9/8

Welcome to the 12th edition. The academic calendar has begun! Lots of points to go around. The August point total is being counted toward September. We hope to integrate more and more questions into each lecture with a final Jeopardy-style showdown at the end of the block. 


Eye Room Patients – reminder that any patient in the eye room is supposed to be staffed by the TO resident. Try to be on the lookout for eye complaints in the waiting room. We don’t see a ton of good eye pathology so when it comes into the ED a resident needs to see it.  

SW VA Conference – September 19th, Riverside 2. RSVP to Leslie as soon as possible so she can order lunch. This is mandatory. It’s no longer out of town so we should have full attendance. 

Duty Hours in MedHub – needs to be done every week by Sunday. No exceptions. It is one of those GME things that is very easy but incredibly important. If you have the MedHub app on your phone (everyone should) it takes all of 30 seconds. 

GroupMe – everyone should be on the chat by now. At this point, you are responsible for updates sent to the group. 

Academic To-Do (new section): 

Each week I will try to break down a To-Do list for each class to simplify the process. 

Interns – Foundations 1 – HEENT but only the parts specific to eye.
Rosen’s chapter 61 – ophthoHippo ED – 2 videos on the eye. Links are in the foundations page above. 

PGY2/3 – DUE Thursday. The following FOAMed posts. It is only 6, in the future I’ll try to give more than 4 days advanced notice but we just finalized it over the weekend.


Thursday, September 12th – start the day with Peds Joint Case Conference @730amMedEd conference room. The remainder of lectures for the day will be in 1S ED Conf. We have SIM for all residents after from 1-4pm at the SIM centerfollowing. Long day but we have a short month and are missing a whole day on the 19th. 


PGY 2/3 – the schedule is not out! My mistake last week. It should be up tomorrow so take a look and address any issues now if you see them. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

Crackcast part 2 of the eye chapter.

CRACKCast E071 – Ophthalmology Part B – CanadiEMThis episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen’s Chapter 71, Ophthalmology. Part B of this episode covers ocular trauma, including indications for ophthalmology consult and surgical repair. Shownotes – PDF Here Rosen’s in Perspective If you haven’t listened to Episode 21 and 22, check them out! If you want to review how to do an eye exam… 1) List 10 causes of ↓ vision post blunt eye trauma …

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