This Week 8/25/19

Welcome to the 10th edition. I’m going out of town tomorrow so sending this out a day early. Last week of vacation before the academic calendar begins. The leaderboard is on and has not changed. Starting next week conference is in full swing and we’ll have a lot more updates & activities. 

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4 Houses – Shirts are available in Christie’s office. 

MedHub – needs to be updated immediately with all of your resident activities. Each entry takes about 30 seconds and the program needs to keep track of what we are doing. 

Residency Peer Review – will start again next block so send me cases you think would be useful. Give MRNs to either myself, Barb, or Roberta. 

Annual Learning Modules– These are due August 31st, no exceptions.  No excuse for not getting these done and time is running out. 

Upcoming Social Events:



Thursday, August 29th – Extraction Day (Interns only), see calendar invitation for details, PGY2/3 have no obligations so get your learning modules finished then if you haven’t already. 


PGY 2/3 – upcoming 10-week schedule should be out soon. We will send a notification when it is published. As always, take a look and make sure you don’t have any conflicts. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

With ophthalmology month right around the corner, here’s a link to the EM:RAP crunch time review of “the eye”. These are terrific (brief) summaries of each topic and perfect for on the go learning.

Crunch Time – Blepharitis and Dacryocystitis | EM:RAPwww.emrap.orgEye Full episode audio for MD edition 45:39 min – 63 MB – M4A Crunch Time EM – Eye – Individual MP3 Files 84 MB – ZIP Crunch Time EM – Eye – Written Summary 221 KB – PDF


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