This Week 8/11/19

Welcome to the 8th edition. 


4 Houses – House Perkins is still holding strong in first place after another solid turnout for the tubing event. Thanks again to all that participated. Be sure to log your community service hours on Med Hub. 

– Shirts are available now in Christie’s office. When you pick up your shirt also get your QR code. 

Master Calendar(s) – are on However, we had to embed them separately instead of having them all in 1 calendar. It’s mainly because of sharing permissions from Tangier. We are still trying to figure out a way around this. 

Annual Learning Modules– now available on both MedHub & cornerstone. There is a lot to get done so start working on them now. These are due August 31st, no exceptions. 

Upcoming Social Events:

Sunday, August 11th @ 5:30pm (today)- VTC Mentorship Block Party for medical students, residents, and fellows. Krista Lukos & Andrew’s house. Free food. Family welcome.


Thursday, August 15th – Independent Study, this is the day to finish all your learning modules for the year. The due date for modules is August 31st but use Thursday to knock out a good chunk of it. 

Thursday, August 22st – Riverside GME Session, details to follow, tentative time 9am – noon. We need 100% attendance to get this to actually count and free up some time at the retreat. 

Thursday, August 29th – Extraction Day (Interns only), great experience, see calendar invitation for details, PGY2/3 have no obligations so get your learning modules finished


PGY 2/3 – Sept 29 – Dec 7 requests are due August 11th (today!). Submit as soon as possible. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

IBCC did a post last week on Angioedema, best I’ve heard on this topic. 

Angioedema – EMCrit Projectemcrit.orgCONTENTS Overview Diagnosis of angioedema Histamine-mediated vs bradykinin-mediated angioedema Airway management Histamine-mediated angioedema Bradykinin-mediated angioedema Pathophysiology Differential diagnosis Evaluation Treatment Extubating the angioedema patient Algorithms Podcast Questions & discussion Pitfalls Angioedema is a common indication for critical care admission.


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