This Week in Residency (August 4th)

Welcome to the 7th edition. The 4 house competition is now underway and House Perkins is off to an early lead after coming out victorious in the trash collecting portion of Thursday’s games.

4 Houses – For those that were not present Thursday, rosters are:

  • Perkins (biohazard logo) – Perkins, JY, J Burton, White, Abii, Linger, Williams, Cassie, Moses, Oswald, Schwab, Taylor
  • Kuehl (bone logo) – Kuehl, Coleman, Meier, Gorman, Enes, Wilkinson, Gollar, Chrabaszcz, Lou, Ickes, Achatz
  • Fortuna (tuna logo) – Fortuna, Hamden, Prusakowski, Hinshaw, Rawlings, Lukos, C Burton, Smith, Bhandari, Kip, Zink, Faiz
  • Clinton (US logo) – Clinton, Borloz, Stromberg, Nguyen, Dykstra, Beauchamp, Taylor, Meade, Kovacs, Jess, Bodeau, Rahul

Greenway Clean-up & Kickball – great experience and thank you to those that participated. I brought home a car load of gross but recyclable products. Every bit counts.  Remember to log your community service hours (Med Hub > portfolios > new entry). House Perkins was victorious in the trash collection with Houses Kuehl/Fortuna establishing dominance on the kickball field.

August Attendancethere have been some questions about whether or not these August sessions are mandatory. The department is providing coverage in the ED in order to free up this time for us, so the expectation is that you are showing up. Obviously, if you are working overnight or on GME vacation this does not apply to you. We have made some adjustments to the schedule (see below).

ED Provider Notes – when charting in the ED you need to complete an “ED provider note” not an “ED note”. I sent out instructions earlier in the week but be conscious of this. Go to ED navigator > provider notes > blank note (if you use a template and not the general note). If you do not know how to do this please confirm with your attending or another resident.

Master Calendar – is up and running, however I can’t seem to get it to load to Damon’s Due. Hopefully you’ll be able to see it this week. It has everything broken down by PGY 1, 2, 3, admin, etc so will be a great place for all things scheduling.

Annual Learning Modules – not available at this time. We will let you know as soon as they are so you can get them done well ahead of time.

Upcoming Social Events:

  • Wednesday, August 7th @ 7:05 pm – Salem Red Sox vs Lynchburg Hillcats. We have 34 tickets to go around so please RSVP. Fun group outing to watch some baseball. This is a social event and not part of the August conference schedule.
  • Sunday, August 11th @ 5:30pm – VTC Mentorship Block Partyfor medical students, residents, and fellows. Krista Lukos & Andrew’s house. Free food. Family welcome.

Conference: Make sure you let your off-service rotations know ahead of time.

Thursday, August 8th – Roanoke River Tubing & Clean-up, meet @ 10am at the Wasena Tap Room.

  • What: clean up the river, relax, and get some tubing in.
  • When: 10am – 1pm, float is about 2.5 hours, lunch after for those that are interested
  • Where: Roanoke River, meet at Wasena Tap Room
  • Misc: Bring sunscreen, water, sodas, etc. Dress for getting wet.

Thursday, August 15th
Independent Study, this is the day to finish all your learning modules for the year. Due date for modules is September 1st.

Thursday, August 22st
Riverside GME Session, details to follow, tentative time 9am – noon. We need 100% attendance to get this to actually count and free up some time at the retreat.

Thursday, August 29th
Extraction Day (Interns only), great experience, see calendar invitation for details, PGY2/3 have no obligations so get your learning modules finished


PGY 2/3 – Sept 29 – Dec 7 requests are due August 11th. Submit as soon as possible.

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

This is a podcast that’s pretty interested if you like infectious disease. Specifically Podcast 19 in which they discuss the best antibiotics in the form of a draft.

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