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Interns -Congrats on finishing orientation month. Now begins the real journey that is residency. For those of you that start with off-service rotations, feel free to ask any of us for inside tips & tricks. 

PGY 2/3s – Schedule requests are due August 11th for the next 10-week block (September 29 – December 7). You should have gotten four different calendar reminders. These are honored in the order they are received so get them in as soon as possible. 

– Evaluations are to be sent before you leave shift. Please follow the evaluation policy sent out by Dr Kuehl this week. Part of being a resident is being evaluated, so if you finish a block without any completed evaluations from the GME office perspective the rotation didn’t happen. Yes, faculty are being reminded/encouraged to complete said evaluations on their end. 

Lockers – If you don’t have a locker, feel free to take any of the lockers that don’t have a name on it. Some of the lockers still have stuff from graduated residents so you may have to do a little cleaning. Make sure you share a locker with another resident as there aren’t enough lockers. 

Honor Walk – you may have gotten pages recently about this really powerful thing Carilion has started as of June 3. See below link for more information. If you YouTube this you can see what it looks like. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONES per Carilion policy during these walks. Completely voluntary and a really terrific way to show gratitude towards donor patients. Long story short when you get the page, if you want to participate, go to the hallways between the unit the patient is in and the 4th floor OR. 


Mobile UpToDate – A lot have asked about getting mobile access so you can use the app on your phones. I renewed mobile access yesterday so thought I’d share the step by step way to do it. 

– drive to medical school parking garage, park in one of the outside “visitor” stalls. You can’t get onto the correct WiFi from underneath the building. Obviously, you can also walk into the school if on foot. 

– connect to the “Virginia Tech” WiFi, not VTCSOM, VTCRI, or any of the others. You will need to make a temporary guest account. 

– go to uptodate.com/login from a mobile browser NOT the uptodate app

– log in with whatever personal account you have

– This will “confirm” your affiliation with VTC and give you mobile access for 3 months, yes you have to renew it every three months. 

Happy learning.

Upcoming Social Events:

Friday, August 2nd – National Parks Radio concert at PGY-3 Jessica Nguyen’s house. Details to follow. 

Wednesday, August 7th @ 7:05 pm – Salem Red Sox vs Lynchburg Hillcats. We have 34 tickets to go around so please RSVP. Fun group outing to watch some baseball. 

Upcoming Residency Events:

The long-awaited unveiling of the 4 house rosters! To be done before kickball this Thursday (see below).

Conference: Make sure you let your off-service rotations know ahead of time. 

Thursday, August 1st – Greenway Clean-up & Kickball (w/ roster unveiling) 

      What: clean up the trash on the Greenway followed by an intense game of kickball. 

      When: 9am – 11am clean-up, 11am – 1pm kickball (or later for those interested)

      Where: Rivers Edge Park

      Misc: Bring sunscreen, water, sodas, etc. Dress for comfort not for show, it will be hot. 

Thursday, August 8th – Roanoke River Tubing & Clean-up, details next week, tentative time 10am-1pm. 

Thursday, August 15th – Cascades Trail Hiking (& Clean-up), details to follow, tentative time 7am – 2pm. 

Thursday, August 22st – Riverside GME Session, details to follow, tentative time 9am – noon. 

Thursday, August 29th – Lake Day Part 2, details to follow, come and go as you wish


Interns – block 4 schedule requests are due July 29th

PGY 2/3 – Sept 29 – Dec 7 requests are due August 11th

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

I couldn’t think of anything overly specific this week so wanted to put this podcast on everyone’s radar. It’s a great monthly summary of the articles published and a great way to stay up to date. Send suggestions for next week!


‎Annals of Emergency Medicine (Summary – Audio): Annals of Emergency Medicine June 2019 Summary on Apple Podcastspodcasts.apple.com‎Show Annals of Emergency Medicine (Summary – Audio), Ep Annals of Emergency Medicine June 2019 Summary – Jun 24, 2019

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