Updates 7/14/19


Cornerstone – Annual onboarding for providers. Due July 23,2019. GET IT DONE ASAP. If you are reading this email and haven’t completed this task, stop reading and log onto cornerstone. 

Interns – BDLS/ADLS this week. Arrive 15 minutes early. If you are late they will not let you in. This class is offered on a limited basis so there won’t be a chance to make it up.

PGY 2/3s – Committee list was sent out last week. Let Christie know if you would like to stay on your current committee or if you would like to join a new one. 

– Block 2 and 3 schedules are now published. Please look over and let us know if you have any issues. The earlier we know, the more likely we will be able to help. 

August Conferences – Lindsey, Jessie, and I should have a tentative schedule out to everyone tomorrow. All of the events are informal, outdoors, and meant to give us a break from the hospital. Use the rest of the free time in the month to do your admin modules for the year and get ahead on your reading. 

Upcoming Social Events:

Saturday, July 20th – Lake Day at the Kuehl’s House. You should have received an e-vite so respond as soon as possible including how many people are attending. This is for food ordering purposes so please RSVP

Friday, August 2nd – National Parks Radio concert at PGY-3 Jessica Nguyen’s house. Details to follow. 

Upcoming Residency Events:

Tuesday, July 16th, 8am – ED Peer Review, 1S ED conference room. This is the attending version. If you are available it is very useful and interesting. 

Wednesday, July 17th, noon – PEC Meeting, Riverside 1 4th Floor Conference Room. Only pertinent to those on the committee. 


Thursday, July 18th – Trauma Conference, 1S ED, 7:30am. Interns this is the monthly trauma conference that we do with the surgery program. 1S ED Conference room is above the coffee shop, climb the stairs, go through the doorway, walk left to the end of the hall then go right, the door is on the right. Arrive early because seating is limited. 

Thursday, July 18th – SIM Lab @ 9am – TBD, still finalizing the exact details. You will get an iCal event this week. Most likely will be at SIM Lab. 


Blocks 2 & 3 should be available on Tangier. Please let us know if you see any duty hours violations or issues now so we can fix them. 

Podcast/Blog post of the Week: 

With the temperature rising, I thought it would be appropriate to choose a podcast on Hyperthermia/Heat Stroke. This is from last month’s EM:RAP and I thought it was interesting. 


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