New Year Updates


Welcome to residency! Enjoy orientation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We were all there once and know how overwhelming this seems right now. We are here to help so don’t be shy. 

PGY 2/3s —
Full transparency, July schedule is tight for coverage. We are aware and solutions are being put in place now. This is not how it is going to be moving forward so please try to be patient. If you have any issues that you see solutions for feel free to reach out. 

Upcoming Social Events:

Friday, June 28th —
Wilderness Medicine is hosting a sailing day on Smith Mountain Lake. Meet at Parkway Marina @ 10:30am. Email Dr. Matt Robichaud if interested. 

Thursday, July 4th —
Intern welcome party. Hosted by rising PGY-3 Roberta Enes. Details to follow. 

Saturday, July 20th —
Lake Day at the Kuehl’s House. Details also to follow, mandatory for interns, highly encouraged for PGY2/3s. 

Friday, August 2nd —
National Parks Radio concert at rising PGY-3 Jessica Nguyen’s house. Details to follow. 

Upcoming Residency Events:

July 5th —
US Bootcamp at VTC Medical school. Dr Jon Noguiera is the contact person so email him if you are available to help out. It’s supposed to run in the afternoon ~1p – 4p. 

July 8, 9, 10 —
US Bootcamp for the new interns. If you ARE NOT SCHEDULED TO WORK as a PGY-2/3, you are expected to help out in some fashion. 

Conference: Social Disparities Month

June 27th —
Critical Care Conference – 7:30am, 1S ED
SIM – 1pm @ the SIM Lab, email Jennifer is you are going (aka you are not scheduled to work) so she can make a set schedule. 

email and put in Tangier

Interns —
get your requests in for block 3 by July 7th,  

PGY 2/3s —
pay attention to your iCal events. You will get a calendar invite when the next 10 week block request is due. 


Chiefs Email:

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