January – Pediatrics

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Pediatrics (2016)

Program Tasks

Date What Notes
Jan. 15 – Feb. 17 ACGME Survey Wait for instructions
Jan. 27 (7p-9p) Rank Meeting Damons House
Feb 27. (7:30a) Intraining Study now
March Vacations due Plan out academic 19
Jun. 21 (6p) Graduation Pictures at 530 for graduates
CORD – March 31 – April 3
Faculty, reserve your rooms now! They fill fast! We also try to have our next academic year chiefs attend. If you are a current PGY2, this may be something you want to think about.
SAEM – May 14-17
Interns, please make sure your services know you will be going to SAEM. If you are having trouble with scheduling, please speak to your chiefs. The deadline to register for the early bird prices is March 18.

July 2018 – Big Topics in EM

It’s a new year, welcome to all the new interns.

The year’s conference schedule is attached at left in the links column (it’s already changed several times). Please know that this is still somewhat in flux as we finalize the year with all the other services and commitments. But for now this should be fairly accurate.

Please put your schedule requests in the request form as you know them. Reminder that request deadline is 2 blocks ahead. So request for block 3 are closed. Block 4 requests due by 7/29.

Looking forward to a new year. Reach out to your chiefs for whatever you need.

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July 7/26/18
Dear Doc Joint Critical Conf
Pierson Hinshaw
Cards Conf